Lathed Parts is available for your needs of lathe machining
of wide-diameter shafts, large-size flanges and so on. Even small-lot orders are welcome.
Lathed@Parts Donft hesitate to contact us.
Lathed Parts is available for your needs of lathe machining
our features We have professional machines, especially suitable for processing large work pieces.
Three promises to our customers
We handle the process from inquiry to delivery
We are available for machining.The lathe process often needs some following process like machining.We use MC made by OKUMA, OKK and MORI-SEIKI, and NC lathes made by OKUMA and MAZAK.  We also use other multipurpose lathes that come in many different vaieties.
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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
esitate to contact us.
Common questions   FAQ

Do you provide services even for a small number lot order?

The lot numbe of your order doesnft matter.
Orders can range from a single piece to manufacturing parts.

Available size range of machining


Maximum size of lathe processing is 1,000mm in diameter ~2,500mm in length
Maximum size of machining process is 700mm~1,500mm.

Do you provide ensuing process of casting ?

Yes, we do.
We provide processing services with any kinds of materials including FC materials, stainless casting, and copper alloy casting.

Do your provide plate working services?


Yes, we do.
We also provide services for the entire process from plate welding to machining, and for the machining process with supplied by you.

Do you provide long-distance services?

If your company is located far away, you can still contact us.
If your company is located overseas, we can still provide all the services for you, from material arrangement to delivery.

Can you provide the materials?

Yes, we can.
We can make arrangements for various materials ranging from iron and steel to non-metal materials.

We would like increase the durability of our parts.
Do you have any ideas of achieving that ?


We might be able to suggest a better plan for extending the life of parts through changing the materials or the process including the heat treatment.
Please let us know your current situation. We are pleased to propose our plan.

Is a drawing required for an estimate?

Yes, we need your drawing to provide you with the estimate.
Based on your drawing of the machine parts or metal parts, we make a plan to produce them in high quality so that we achieve high accuracy both in shape and in size.

gOur order is really a small amount, so itfs hard for us to find a company available for our offer.  Are you available even for a small amount order?h
Our feature Three promises to our customers Handles everything from inquiry to delivery Machining is one of our great skills
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