Lathed Parts is available for your needs of lathe machining
of wide-diameter shafts, large-size flanges and so on. Even small-lot orders are welcome.
Lathed Parts Donft hesitate to contact us.
Lathed@Parts is available for your needs of lathe machining
our features We have professional machines, especially suitable for processing large work pieces.
Three promises to our customers
We handle the process from inquiry to delivery
We are available for machining.The lathe process often needs some following process like machining.We use MC made by OKUMA, OKK and MORI-SEIKI, and NC lathes made by OKUMA and MAZAK.  We also use other multipurpose lathes that come in many different vaieties.
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esitate to contact us.

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gOur order is really a small amount, so itfs hard for us to find a company available for our offer.  Are you available even for a small amount order?h
Our feature Three promises to our customers Handles everything from inquiry to delivery Machining is one of our great skills
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